2015 News

What the research on Whistled Turkish says about the neural structure

Every language has its own peculiarities, and according to a recent research, the Turkish language is unique in the way brain is used during Turkish whistling.   full story

Gözde Durmuş develops a method to characterize cells

Gözde Durmuş (30), Turkish female scientist in Stanford, invented a simple method for this assessment, leading to her acknowledgement as one of the 35 Innovators Under 35 by the MIT Technology Review.   full story

A Turkish-American Scientist Zakir Durumeric invents a way to impove online security and listed one of '35 Innovators under 35'

Zakir Durumeric, the son of a Turkish mathematician, Oguz Durumeric, is amazed to discover that people place pretty much everything online, from ATM machines, bank safes, all the way to even control systems of nuclear plants. Durumeric finds it hard to believe how common these unsafe online practices are, particularly considering the recent on-line hacking incidents affected some big corporations such as Sony and Target.   full story

Prof. Kelestemur is appointed as the first director of the newly established Turkish Health Institutions (TUSEB)

Former president of Erciyes University, Kayseri, and the TUBA council member Prof. Fahrettin Kelestimur was appointed as the first director of the Turkish Health Institutions (TUSEB) in June.   full story

Introduction of the Board Members: Mehmet Toner

In this issue we feature Mehmet Toner, Helen Andrus Benedict Professor of Surgery and Biomedical Engineering at the Harvard Medical School and Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology.   full story

Young Scholar Profile: Mustafa Karabas

The young scholar in this issue is Mustafa Karabas, Staff Mechanical Engineer of Advanced Technology Team, at Wyss Institute of Harvard Univesity.   full story

Another success story from a Female Turkish Scientist from University of Oxford

Dr. Nihan Akyelken from the University of Oxford won the "Young Researcher of the Year" award by the International Transport Forum.   full story

Fellowships for PhD-level research on non-US cultures and societies

The International Dissertation Research Fellowship is open for applications from PhD students!   full story

TASSA proudly announces the remarkable success of three Turkish women scientists and innovators

This year, MIT featured 3 Turkish-women, and a Turkish-American Ph.D. student in their prestigious "35 Innovators under 35" list. As TASSA, we sincerely congratulate them and look forward for their future success.   full story

Introduction of the Board Members: Füsun Özgüner

In this issue we feature Füsun Özgüner, professor of Electrical and Computer Engineer at The Ohio State University.   full story

A Conversation with Serap Aksoy

Our guest on this issue of The Bridge is Serap Aksoy, Professor of Epidemiology, Yale Shcool of Public Health.   full story

Young Scholar Profile: Neyran Turan

Neyran Turan, Assistant Professor of Architecture at Rice University, School of Architecture. She is also the principal of Nemestudio, an architectural office that produces work ranging from installations, to buildings, and landscapes.   full story