TASSA Privacy Policy

The Turkish American Scientists and Scholars Association (TASSA) respects your right to privacy. When you join TASSA, your information remains confidential with us. TASSA shares some of your information only with duely paid TASSA members, and this information is limited to your name, affiliation, area of study and expertise. Otherwise, TASSA does not share your personal info (address, telephone, email address) with any person, company, official and nonofficial entity or nonprofit group. Our membership list is private – it is never rented or sold. TASSA may, however, give to third parties aggregate statistics regarding member demographics.

TASSA pledges to keep your personal info in a secure setting and to limit its access only to designated people at its membership working group, database managers and secretaries. Your names and affiliations (without contact information and email) can only be displayed at our Web page if you are either a working group member or a meeting participant. In order to use your name in any other context we will obtain a special permission from you. We understand that as your involvement grows and changes, so may your professional interests. We enable you to manage your own information. As a TASSA member, you can login to the Members Login section of our Web site and manage your Member Profile. If you do not renew your membership, TASSA will retain your information for a reasonable period before deleting it from its databases. We retain this information to facilitate easier renewal of membership.