News 2012

Üniversitelerde Uluslararasılaşma Sorunlari Çalıştayı

Yükseköğretimde uluslararasılaşma konusunun başarılı olabilmesi için bir devlet politikası olarak ele alınması ve tüm planlama ve yasal düzenlemelerin bu kapsamda yapılması gereklidir. Bu düzenlemelerin uluslararası kalite standartlarından ödün vermemeye özen gösterilerek yapılması zorunludur.   full story

Dr. Bahri Karacay and his band TURKANA

Dr Karacay is a scientist, writer, and a musician. We invite you to listen a superb presentation of one of the most loved songs of Baris manco by Dr. Karacay and his band TURKANA. Members of TURKANA are also scientists!   full story

From The President: As 2012 Ends

Since, the last issue of The Bridge in September, TASSA committees have undertaken a number of activities. First, TASSA was invited by the State Department officials to take an active role in the USA-Turkey Joint Commission Meeting (JCM) on Science and Technology Cooperation   full story

USA-TR Joint Commission Meeting on S &T Cooperation

Sandy left absolute devastation in Nation. Sandy's flight impacts not only felt in the US but also overseas for days. After months of preparation for the Nov 1st and 2nd Joint Commission Meeting (JCM) on Science and Technology Cooperation between USA-Turkey, the meeting has been cancelled and it will be rescheduled in the New Year. The meeting is planned to host the first high level official meeting between the two countries. As the meeting plans were shaping up in the USA site, TASSA actively started to play a key role to build up strong and lasting ties in the new initiatives.   full story

Young Scientists Profile: Conversation with İnanç Ortaç

Since I was a child, I have been interested in almost all disciplines of natural sciences and engineering. This led me to a career and research that merges all of them together. I had a BS degree in Physics in Middle East Technical University. In 2006, I won Fulbright scholarship and came to University of California, San Diego to pursue a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering.   full story

TASSA report on Turkish Council of Higher Education legislation

TASSA completed a summary report on the Turkish Council of Higher Education legislation draft to provide feedback. Both the legislation and TASSA report can be downloaded here.   full story

TASSA Seminar by Professor Ümit V. Çatalyürek

TASSA is pleased to launch a research seminar series in Engineering to bring together TASSA community members who have interest in various fields in Engineering through regional activities. The first of the seminar series will be held at the Ohio State University campus on December 6th, 2012.   full story

Crossing the Bridge - November 2012

A new call from Europen Research Council (ERC): consolidator grant and ERC’s “going global” act. This program is an excellent opportunity for researchers/scientists, who wants to be employed or spend up to five years in Europe, while doing research. Consolidator grant is for researchers who have been awarded their first PhD over 7 and up to 12 years prior to the publication date of the call.   full story

Kemal Dervis Lecture: "Turkey on the way to the 100th Anniversary of the Republic"

Dr. Kemal Dervis delivered a lecture titled "Turkey on the way to the 100th Anniversary of the Republic" at the Turkish Embassy in Washington, D.C. Dr. Dervis's speech was part of a succession of events that are traditionally organized around November 10 to observe the passing of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.   full story

Young Scientists Profile: Conversation with Hasan Ayaz

My first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum that I received at my 8th birthday. My parents soon regretted that, as I was captivated by this magical (!) device that had 128 Kilobytes of memory, required cassette player to save data and the only TV in the house to operate.   full story

TASSA completes its reorganization

TASSA completes the forming of the Executive Committee, Standing Committees, and the Technical Groups. Numerous valuable scientists and scholars have agreed enthusiastically to work for TASSA. Thanks to all! Full list of the organization and selected members to each committee and groups are as follows.   full story

Crossing the Bridge - September 2012

Recognizing the potential impact of "brain circulation era," TASSA aims to communicate with its fellow members, researchers, professionals and those who are willing to contribute to and benefit from this era of transfer/share of knowledge.   full story