2015 News

Haluk Ünal Addresses the Guest at the Turkish Embassy in Washington D.C. on higher education opportunities in the US

TASSA President Haluk Ünal gave a speech on higher education opportunities in the US. He was introduced by His Excellency Serdar Kılıç, the US Ambassador for Turkey, who underlined the significance of this event in bringing together Turkish students and academic community.   full story

A Conversation with Fatih Güvenen

Our guest on this issue of The Bridge is Fatih Güvenen, who is a professor of economics at the University of Minnesota and an Economic Advisor to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, and The Central Bank of Turkey.   full story

Introduction of the Board Members: Hüseyin Abut

On behalf of the editorial team of TASSA we are pleased to introduce the members of our Board of Directors, who have agreed to graciously share their thoughts on TASSA and its activities, as well as information about themselves with our readership. In this issue we feature Hüseyin Abut. Professor Abut is a Professor Emeritus from Electrical and Computer Engineering at San Diego State University where he has served as a FERP professor through 2006 and a full-professor between 1981 through 2001.   full story

TASSA President Ünal Expresses Opinion on Turkey's Efforts on Reversing Brain Drain

TASSA President Haluk Unal answered the questions of Başak Çubukçu, a producer for Al Jazeera Turk Digital Magazine in a related piece published on the website of Al Jazeera Turk.   full story