News 2009

TASSA Peer Review Panel Report is Complete

As reported on our website in October 2009, TASSA Board had appointed a Peer Review Panel (PRP) to conduct the 5-year review of our organization. The panel has completed its review and submitted its report to the board.   full story

Turkish Scientist Creates Adhesive Nano Structures

Gecko feet have long been a source of inspiration to scientists striving to make superstrong, reusable adhesives. Now researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have found a new way to make such an adhesive grip and release as required, using angled microstructures. These structures mimic the tips of the hairs found on gecko toes, which give the lizard its prowess as a climber.   full story

Dr. Selcuk Guceri Named Delaware Valley's 2010 Engineer of the Year

Drexel's College of Engineering is proud to announce that Dr. Selcuk Guceri, dean of the college, has been named the 2010 Delaware Valley Engineer of the Year.   full story

Turkish Accelerator Center

Turkey is at the verge of joining a small group of countries in the world that fund and operate a substantial accelerator center capable of conducting research in physical, chemical, medical and pharmaceutical sciences. Efforts towards this end have been made over the last ten years.   full story

TASSA Conducts Its 5-Year Review Process

At its Board Meeting on March 5, 2009, the TASSA Board of Directors approved the appointment of a Peer Review Panel to conduct the 5-year review of our organization. The purpose of this review...   full story

DOE Award to Sabanci University Researcher Dr. Hikmet Budak

The US Departments of Agriculture and Energy (USDA and DOE) created a 6.3-million-dollar fund for 7 projects that aim to genomics research for biomass. Associate Professor Hikmet Budak of Sabanci University received an award of 1.3 million dollars for a project he will carry out in collaboration with other scientists from various universities and research institutions including, John Vogel of USDA-ARS Western Regional Research Center, Metin Tuna of Namik Kemal University, and Drs. Michelle Watt and Robert Furbank of Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO).   full story

American and Turkish Scientists Identify Conditions That Initiate Soil Erosion

Wind, water, and waves erode billions of tons of soil from the earth's surface. As a result, many rivers are plagued with excessive amounts of suspended sediment. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, such eroded sediment is the largest non-point source pollution in the environment...   full story

TASSA 2008 Audit Report

Dear TASSA Members, attached please find the TASSA 2008 Internal Audit Report., presented to the Board of Directors on May 14th, 2009. The report contains the audit scope, audit methodology, and...   full story