TASSA proudly announces the remarkable success of three Turkish women scientists and innovators

This year, MIT featured 3 Turkish-women, and a Turkish-American Ph.D. student in their prestigious "35 Innovators under 35" list. As TASSA, we sincerely congratulate them and look forward for their future success.


Canan DaÄźdeviren invents a device to detect skin cancer.

Canan developed a device that takes the mechanical properties of skin as input, to tell whether skin is susceptible to cancer.

Read her success from MIT Technology Review



Gözde Durmus invents a method to detect bacteria infected cells.

Gözde Durmus, a postdoctoral research fellow at Stanford University, levitates cells in magnetic field to understand whether they respond to antibiotics.

Read her success from MIT Technology Review



Duygu Karaman develops an app for the blind.

Duygu Karaman developed an app for the visually impaired and the blind, currently used by 150,000 people in Turkey.

Read her success from MIT Technology Review


Zakir Durumeric developed the ZMap scanning system to improve online security.

The process only takes 5 minutes, and informs administrators about security flaws.

Read his success from MIT Technology Review