2013 News

AAAS Science Diaspora Meeting Invitation in Boston

The Network of Diaspora in Engineering and Science (NODES) in partnership with Ireland’s Presidency of the European Union cordially invites interested participants to the Science and Engineering Diaspora Engagement at teh AAAS 2013 Annual Meeting on February 14th, 2013 in Boston.   full story

Building a bridge from Iowa to Turkiye for Children

Amid the hustle and bustle of fast pace American life, some of us keep a certain dream alive: a dream of doing something for Turkey someday. There are those of us who in fact make some dreams come true, and succeed in building a bridge between the US and Turkey. Resmiye Oral, a professor of Pediatrics at the Carver College of Medicine of the University of Iowa, is one of those whose accomplishments in the field of child abuse are both a source of inspiration and a model for those of us who wants to go after dreams.   full story

Crossing the Bridge - January 2013

Do you want to spend your sabbatical year in Turkey? Sabbaticals are certainly beneficial to both you and your research. It is an excellent opportunity to reinvigorate and restore your academic energy. It may also provide a base for your future intellectual development and achievements. If you can spend your sabbatical year in your home country through a winning grant support, then, it would be even more satisfying. In this issue, we will guide you through certain prestigious grants, which you may apply...   full story