2013 News

Research Report: Patents from Turkey and European Union

Innovation is at the core of technological advancement, product development, and services. Translation of innovation to economic value brings prosperity for the society and humanity in general. In the aftermath of the financial crisis, innovation is ever more crucial for the stability of global markets. In this article, we are presenting...   full story

Young Scientists Profile: Conversation with Ayse Kivilcim Coskun

I am currently an assistant professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Boston University. I have started my current position in 2009. My undergraduate major was microelectronics engineering and I received my BS degree in Sabanci University. My interest in electronics was initially rooted in my general interest in math and physics. Sabanci University has a system similar to the schools in the US, where students do not have to declare their major until the end of the sophomore year. Looking back, I believe I selected electronics engineering because I liked the classes and ...   full story

TASSA is Invited to Science and Engineering Diaspora Event

NODES (Networks of Diasporas for Science and Technology), a partnership between the Department of State, AAAS, and the National Academies, held a Science Diaspora Event in Boston on February 14, 2013. TASSA was invited and represented by Dr. Gizem Donmez, Assistant Professor at Tufts University delivered a presentation on TASSA at the event.   full story

From The President: TASSA Publishes 2012 Annual Report

We have another exciting issue of The Bridge for you. In this issue our top stories come from TASSA. We have issued our 2012 Annual Report. The Report summarizes the many activities the members of the TASSA Executive Committee and Board have undertaken together with our volunteers from technical groups and standing committees, and TASSA community at large. Please have a look at the report and let us know what you think. Any feedback will be highly appreciated.   full story

TASSA completes 2012 Activity Report

The Executive Committee is pleased to present to you the 2012 Annual Report of TASSA. We would greatly appreciate receiving any feedback you might have on the report or TASSA in general.   full story

TASSA Celebrates Women’s History Month

March 8th is the International Women's Day, giving us an opportunity to recognize and celebrate women around the world and their contributions to societies, science, culture, and more. It only takes a moment to remember the impressive achievements of women in all continents by looking back to a long history of huge enthusiasm and commitment to integrate the other half of the human talent to the professional life. Last century has witnessed great improvements and significant shift in both women`s and society`s thoughts about women`s equality and visibility in every aspect of life.   full story

The United States and Turkey Chart Path Forward to Advance Bilateral Cooperation on Science, Technology, and Innovation

On April 3-4, the United States and Turkey will hold their first high-level meeting in Ankara, Turkey to develop a roadmap to enhance bilateral science, technology, and innovation cooperation under the 2010 U.S.-Turkey Science and Technology Agreement.   full story

Crossing the Bridge –March 2013

Brain drain has been an issue for developing countries for many years. In late 1990’s, instead of reversing the brain drain; a new concept of brain circulation has emerged highlighting the importance of dissemination of the international knowledge and experience the expatriates had when working or studying in a foreign country. Establishing such a circular movement certainly brings intangible knowledge that proves invaluable for the country's development.   full story

Call for submissions to the TASSA's RASRA Publication

TASSA invites all Turkish American community to share the scholarly accomplishments during 2010-2012 for the RASRA (Report of the Annual Scholarly and Research Accomplishments) report. Please use this online form...   full story

From The President: Happy New Year

Dear Friends of TASSA,Happy New Year! As we start 2013 I wish once again everyone a successful and a healthy new year. 2012 has been quite important for TASSA. It was the resurrection year; it was the year when TASSA members once again joined forces in building and supporting the Turkish Science Diaspora in the US. Our 2012 March conference was a phenomenal success and since then the TASSA committees have been working very hard to make a difference. We hope to announce our   full story

Young Scientists Profile: Conversation with Seyda Ertekin

am a computer scientist and an engineer who is currently a postdoctoral research associate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). When I was 6 years old, I was elated when one of my paintings took a lot of attention in an art exhibition. Seeing all those grown-ups appreciate my painting gave me huge pride, but apparently for the wrong reason. Later that night, my mom told me that...   full story

TASSA is invited to participate in Science and Engineering Diaspora Event

NODES (Networks of Diasporas for Science and Technology), a partnership between the Department of State, AAAS, and the National Academies, is holding a Science Diaspora Event on the day the AAAS meetings start, at the AAAS meeting site in Boston on the afternoon of February 14, 2013. TASSA has been invited as an organization that has been building and supporting the Turkish Science Diaspora in the US.   full story