2016 News

Elections for Four Directors of the TASSA Board

As it is stated in the TASSA Bylaws, TASSA needs to hold elections for filling the positions of four (4) directors of the TASSA Board, whose terms are completed. We are inviting you to nominate distinguished candidates for the next TASSA Board Directors.   full story

Regarding the Resignation of Deans in Turkish Higher Education System

TASSA Board of Directors is very concerned about the events surrounding the Turkish Universities and the resignations of the Deans.   full story

TASSA Announcement Regarding Recent Events in Turkey

The TASSA Board condemns military interventions and any use of brutality and deadly force on the Turkish people.   full story

Gazi Teknopark Visit

You are cordially invited to a reception on Monday July 25th, 2016 at the Turkish Embassy to meet and network with representatives from 14 Turkish IT companies from the Gazi Teknopark Technology Cluster.   full story

TASSA 2016 Job Fair

During TASSA’s 2016 Conference on April 2nd and 3rd, a job fair was held with the participation of 13 institutions. A detailed Job Fair report was published.   full story

New TASSA Awards

At the last TASSA meeting in Chicago, two new awards were announced, namely the Aziz Sancar and Kenan Sahin Awards, to strengthen TASSA’s commitment to this exciting Young Scholar Awards Program. Both Aziz Sancar and Kenan Sahin are inspirational leaders and long term supporters of TASSA, and through these new awards their prestigious legacy will continue to inspire, motivate and honor the very best of the next generation of scientists, scholars, engineers and entrepreneurs.   full story

TASSA 2016 Conference was a great success!

TASSA’16 took place on April 2-3, 2016 at the Charles M. Harper Center at the University of Chicago, and was a great success thanks to the 384 attendees who braved the cold, snowy Chicago weather and hundreds more online.   full story

TASSA 2016 Poster Session

The poster session of TASSA 2016 Conference was held at Charles M. Harper Center, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, April 2, 2016. Principal investigators, students, and postdoctoral fellows partook in this unique event to present their research as well various university and institutions.   full story

TASSA 2016 Young Scholar Awards

In the 2016 TASSA Conference in April, nine junior scholars were announced as the 2016 winners of this prestigious award among approximately 170 highly qualified applications, each under the age of 35. These winners are...   full story

A Statement from the TASSA Board of Directors

Our hearts are heavy with the series of sad news from our home country. Turkey is suffering from terror attacks by multiple hate groups. Innocent people have lost their lives or have been seriously injured. The whole country is in a state of anxiety. As TASSA, we abhor views that defend, praise, or encourage violence, hatred, and hostility.   full story

Expert Opinion: Hasan Ayaz on the emerging field of Neuroergonomics

TASSA Vice President Hasan Ayaz discusses Neuroergonomics and the inaugural international conference planned in Paris, France   full story

Young Scholar Profile: Bumin Yenmez

The young scholar in this issue is Bumin Yenmez, Assistant Professor of Economics, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University.   full story