TASSA 2018 Young Scholar Award

Call for Nominations

Nomination Deadline: April 1st, 2018

Following its successful launch at the 2014 TASSA Annual Conference, we are now announcing the 3rd TASSA Young Scholars Award (YSA) program to recognize the achievements of young Turkish American scholars, as part of the upcoming 2018 TASSA Annual Conference.

As part of this year's TASSA Awards program, we proudly announce two new awards to be given, namely the Aziz Sancar and Kenan Sahin Awards, to strengthen TASSA’s commitment to this exciting Young Scholar Awards Program. Both Aziz Sancar and Kenan Sahin are inspirational leaders and long-term supporters of TASSA, and through these new awards their prestigious legacy will continue to inspire, motivate and honor the very best of our next generation of scientists, scholars, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

Please join us in celebrating the outstanding achievements and inspiring success stories of Aziz Sancar and Kenan Sahin with these new TASSA Young Scholar Awards. We look forward to receiving your nominations and applications to these prestigious awards, which will be presented for the first time at the 2018 TASSA Conference.

You are invited to submit a nomination (including self-nominations) for these prestigious awards. The conference committee plans for at least 2 awards at each category (i.e., graduate student, postdoctoral scholar/researcher and junior faculty). This is in addition to the newly established Aziz Sancar and Kenan Sahin Awards to be presented for the first time in TASSA 2018 Meeting.

  1. All the nominees from US institutions must be younger than 35 years old at the time of the nomination.
  2. The nomination package should include the nominee's latest CV along with one article (already published in the literature or a working manuscript) that exemplifies the best work of the nominee. Please also specify which area best fits the nominee's your scholarly work among:
    • Natural Sciences,
    • Health and Biomedical Sciences,
    • Engineering and Applied Sciences,
    • Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities
  3. Graduate students, postdoctoral scholars/researchers (including from academia and industry), and junior faculty (e.g., instructors, assistant professors) are eligible for this award and the nominees will be considered in these three "separate" categories.

The nomination email for this award should read "TASSA Young Scholar Award" in the subject line with two PDF attachments, one for the CV and the other for a representative manuscript of the nominee's best work. Submission of more than one publication per nominee is not permitted and would be deleted.

Each winner will receive an Award Certificate at the conference and is expected to deliver a short, "elevator-pitch" style, oral presentation during the TASSA Annual Meeting, to be held at Boston University, on June 2,3, 2018.  Hotel accommodations of the award recipients will be covered by TASSA.

Please note that those who are not selected for the awards will be assigned a poster presentation during the TASSA Annual Meeting, giving them an opportunity to present and discuss their scholarly contributions at the conference. Previous winners of the TASSA Young Scholar Award are not eligible to apply.

All nominations should be emailed to awards@tassausa.org before the submission deadline, April 1, 2018. In the e-mail content, please indicate the full name, affiliated organization, age, and the science category (1. Engineering and Applied Science, 2. Health and Biomedical Science, 3. Natural Science, 4. Social Sciences and Art & Humanities) that best fits the research interests of the nominee.