2007 Overview

The third annual conference of the Turkish American Scientists and Scholars Association (TASSA'07) was held at Yale University in New Haven, CT, on March 24-25, 2007. The conference theme was "Essentials for a Better World: Energy, Environment, Food and Health" and had a vision to establish a forum for many young and experienced American, Turkish, and Turkish-American scientists to explore and develop new collaborative initiatives.

The conference featured many distinguished speakers and provided a venue for strengthening and enhancing the scientific and technological cooperation between the United States and Turkey. The participants of TASSA'07 had more time to interact and network with one another and dedicated periods were be allocated for poster sessions.

The highlights of the conference are summarized in an email message sent to our membership on April 4th, 2007. The conference catalog distributed during the conference registration and the proceedings published after the conference can be viewed in PDF format. The list of sponsors, some memorable snapshots, and a streaming video (courtesy of Turkish-American TV) are also provided for your enjoyment.