2017 News

Do not miss the deadline: TASSA 2018 Young Scholar Award

You are invited to submit a nomination (including self-nominations) for these prestigious awards. The conference committee plans for at least 2 awards at each category (i.e., graduate student, postdoctoral scholar/researcher and junior faculty).   full story

Miniaturized Neural Drug delivery System (MiNDS)

It is now common knowledge that neurological disorders arise from the dysregulation of neural circuits, rather than from a single afflicted region of the brain.   full story

The young scholar profile: Beste Mutlu

In every issue of The Bridge, we highlight a young scholar profile from our diaspora. These accomplished and early career individuals demonstrate the potential of next generation Turkish-American scientists and scholars.   full story

Turkish Economists' Work Is Recognized

Recently the Journal of Political Economy (JPE), probably the most prominent journal in economics, published a retrospective issue to celebrate its 125th anniversary: The Past, Present, and Future of Economics:   full story


TASSA Board member, Aydogan Ozcan is working on new technologies for helping people with low-income, who have diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSG), his team at UCLA is partnering with   full story

Bulent Basol on a new and powerful semiconductor metrology technology- ALPro

Semiconductor industry is the engine of economic, environmental and social development in the world. Many applications from machine learning to artificial intelligence and robotics all depend on the availability of faster running integrated circuits or chips, with higher computing power and data storage capability.   full story

TASSA president Haluk Ünal reaches Turkish youth via a science podcast.

Top Turkish popular science podcast “Bahri Karaçay ile Bilim (Science with Bahri Karaçay) just celebrated its 100th episode. TASSA president Prof. Haluk Ünal was a special guest for the occasion.   full story

Two TASSA Board members are elected to Science Academy in Turkey : Mehmet Toner and Aydoğan Özcan:

Congratulations to two members of the TASSA board, Prof. Mehmet Toner of Harvard University and Prof. Aydoğan Özcan of University of California at Los Angeles, who are elected as full members of the Science Academy in Turkey on December 2nd, 2017.   full story

TASSA participated at the 2017 European Research Day (ERD)

TASSA participated at the 2017 European Research Day (ERD) held on 21 September in Washington DC. ERD is an event organized by EURAXESS North America where European and non-European researchers meet,   full story

TASSA'18 Conference Date Changed

TASSA'18 Conference will be held on June 2-3, 2018 in Boston, MA at the Boston University. The conference chair will be Dr. Selim Ünlü, Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Boston University.   full story

TASSA President Visits Three Universities in Istanbul

TASSA President, Haluk Unal, visited three universities during his visit to Istanbul in October.   full story