An online science outreach program for Turkish high school students: “Bilime Yolculuk”

For those who’d like to encourage young Turkish students interested in science, but have limited time to do so, we have a wonderful suggestion: “Bilime Yolculuk”, a program that physics teacher Ayşenur Özdemir volunteers to organize with the purpose of motivating students. Supported by the IT Department of the Ministry of Education in Turkey, this program brings together middle and high school students in Turkey and Turkish scientists who do research abroad for a live e-seminar. One session lasts roughly 1 hour and thousands of students from all over Turkey can join in. A recording of the session is shared on the website Vitamin Öğretmen, where it reaches an even broader audience. All you need to join in to a live seminar is a computer and a decent internet connection. If you’re interested in giving an e-seminar about your research in Turkish, please contact Ayşenur Özdemir ( or visit their website ( for more information.