TASSA Reorganizes Its Executive Committee

TASSA Executive Committee, which is responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of TASSA has been reorganized. Per TASSA Bylaws, The Executive Committee includes the President, one or more Vice Presidents, the Managing Director, the Treasurer, and the Editor of the Bridge.

The new Executive Committee members are:

VP   Hasan Ayaz
VP   Kerem Cosar
VP   Canan Dagdeviren
VP   Batuhan Osmanoglu

Editor    Ergun Akleman

Treasurer   Senay Agca

Managing Director  Tuba Fehr

Executive Committee Short Bios

The outgoing members of the Executive Committee have served the TASSA community greatly TASSA is thankful to Sebahattin Demirkan (Treasurer), Nilay Papila (VP), and Candan Tamerler (VP) for their great service. Candan will be serving at the TASSA Board of Directors and Nilay will continue serving TASSA in Turkey together with Levent Guntay (also our former VP) in organizing TASSA’s contact base in Turkey.

Per TASSA bylaws, the duties of the Executive Committee is as follows,

TASSA bylaws

With the new structure both at the Board and Executive Committee levels TASSA Board hopes to provide stronger bridges between the American and Turkish scientists and scholars.