Transition Team Announcement

Dear Members and Friends of TASSA,

As previously announced on our website, the TASSA 2010 Special General Assembly, conducted online between April 19 and April 26, 2010, has passed the motion delegating the restructuring of TASSA and giving this crucial task to a transition team (TT) composed of Bulent Basol, Daver Kahvecioglu, David Cuthell, Ferhat Esen, Haluk Unal, Huseyin Abut, and Ozgur Kocaturk with a unanimous vote. The objective of the TT, as described in its Terms of Reference, is to initiate a reform program to re-invigorate the organization.

In its first meeting on May 26 the TT organized itself as follows:

Chair: Haluk Unal
Managing Director: Daver Kahvecioglu
Communication Director: Ferhat Esen
Advisory Committee: Bulent Basol, Huseyin Abut
Executive Committee: Haluk Unal, Daver Kahvecioglu, Ferhat Esen, Ozgur Kocaturk
General Secretary: Ozgur Kocaturk
Treasurer: Refik Soyer
IT Support: Yalcin Sert

The Transition Team held seven working meetings so far (May 26, June 5, July 17, July 25, September 18, September 26, and October 8).  The minutes of these meetings are posted on TASSA web page. The main discussion topic of the meetings has been to establish a functionning organization structure for TASSA and hence accomplish the Transition Team’s mission with success.

So far the TT has completed the following  tasks:

Pre-requisite work - the Transition Team needed to make sure that its existence has legal standing and authority to perform the functions outlined in the Terms of Reference and have control over the membership and current financial resources. Toward this end, the Team has initiated the following actions:

  1. Sought and received legal opinion and advice pertaining to the legality of the Transition Team and the legality of the 2010 Special General Assembly decisions;
  2. Obtained a financial report from the Treasurer, including a cash flow statement showing transactions since 2008;
  3. Obtained a membership report showing the list of current paying institutional and individual members; Appointed an independent auditor to possibly perform a financial audit;

Reorganization Work - We have carefully examined the past discussions and documents that look at the causes of dysfunctionality of the TASSA, opportunities waiting to be exploited by the organization, and challenges that lie ahead.  

Now, TT needs to define carefully the objectives of the organization, membership composition, the feasible set of activities that TASSA should be engaged in, an effective organizational structure that can deliver services to members, and a sustainable financial structure..

The Transition Team plans to achieve these objective (per Terms of Reference) as follows:

  1. Design a reform package including identification of primary stakeholders, revision of the stated objectives of TASSA and building a new organizational structure (governance process and financial structure);
  2. Draft a revised Bylaws, consistent with the new TASSA vision;
  3. Obtain feedback from key individuals (e.g. past presidents and officers) for the proposed plan of action. Lead initiatives toward implementation of the proposed reform and new organizational structure;
  4. Conduct a Stakeholder Assembly and propose the new By Laws and the reform package for endorsement (approval) by this Assembly;
  5. Identify individuals willing to serve in the new governing body;
  6. Conduct the elections for the new governing body; and
  7. Transfer authority for TASSA to the newly elected governing body.

During this restructuring period the Transition Team will also

  • Serve as TASSA’s governing and operational body;
  • Manage all membership activities (including possible suspension) during the term of the Transition Team;
  • Manage all the communication with the current members;
  • Manage the IT functions and TASSA web-site;
  • Request a proposed plan and budget for the 2011 Conference from Murat Tarimcilar in order to approve the plan, the budget, and perform necessary oversight over the Conference preparations;
  • Finally, maintain a continuous and transparent communication with its members through the web site and emailing, when necessary.

Ensuring all these tasks, the Transition Team is aware of the challenges ahead requiring serious commitment, work and time, and would like to thank the TASSA members for their support and patience in advance. With this announcement we open all our membership activities, and, hence expect members to be current on their membership dues.

Membership views and opinions during this transition period are very important for us. To be able to better receive your feedback, we have created a dedicated folder “Comments for Transition Team“ at TASSA Forum section. Please place your comments here and share with us any concerns, suggestions, and opinions you might have.



Haluk Unal (Transition Team Chair),
Huseyin Abut, Bulent Basol, Ferhat Esen, Daver Kahvecioglu, Ozgur Kocaturk

Attachments: Transition Team Meeting Minutes (PDF files):