TASSA 2010 Special General Assembly

The TASSA 2010 Special General Assembly, conducted online between April 19 and April 26, 2010, is now completed. 

The voting of the motion (see below), moved by the TASSA Board of Directors, was considered as the single agenda item of the Special General Assembly.  The motion was passed with a unanimous vote.

As a result:


The Board of Directors of TASSA moves that the Special General Assembly

Voting Process

All TASSA regular, overseas, and institutional members who had paid their 2009 or 2010 membership dues as of 21 February 2010 were eligible to participate and vote in the Special General Assembly. All voting was of secret-ballot type. The required quorum for the Assembly of one-fifth of all eligible members was met. The passage of the motion was unanimously approved.


In October 2009 the TASSA Board had appointed a Peer Review Panel (PRP) to review the governance, efficiency and effectiveness of TASSA and recommend actions for improving its performance. The PRP had recommended, among others, that TASSA should be restructured and that this restructuring should be led by a Transition Team appointed by the TASSA membership. Upon a further request from the Board, the PRP had carried out a search to identify suitable members for the Transition Team and recommended to the Board a slate of members and a terms-of-reference. The Board had endorsed the recommended membership and terms-of-reference of the Transition Team, which was  before the Special General Assembly for approval.

Please refer to the following TASSA supporting documents and previous news announcements for details on the above: