Marmaris Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics

Marmaris Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics I.T.A.P./Marmaris/Turkey

Marmaris Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics (ITAP) has been established on March/1/2006 under the auspices of the nonprofit organization Turkish Community Services Foundation (Turkiye Toplum Hizmetleri Vakfi). Located on the geographical and cultural crossroads between the East and the West, the South and the North, ITAP aims at establishing an environment of interaction in advanced scientific research and research training with particular emphasis on theoretical and applied physics and mathematics between the international senior scientists, researchers and graduate students. The main activities that ITAP supports are based on the dissemination of research ideas and results among the senior and young scientists and, not the least, training of young researchers.

The main objectives of ITAP is to provide an interaction and training environment mainly for the PhD students and postdoctoral researchers in all fields of physics at the research and research training levels. Researchers and students from all universities and research organizations worldwide are welcome to participate in the activities of ITAP. Organizers are also welcome to realize their meetings at the Institute.

Individual activities are managed by a voluntary scientific organizational board. All financial resources are allocated for constructing/renovating the necessary infrastructure for the scientific environment and supporting young researchers nationally and internationally.

The main activities of ITAP include:

1) ITAP driven activities: a) Regular and serial intensive international summer/winter schools for the research training of selected PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. This program is called International Advanced Research School (IARS) and coordinated in collaboration with the Feza Gursey Institute/Istanbul.

b) Regular and serial intensive international summer/winter schools for the basic training of selected undergraduate senior students to strengthen their knowledge and confidence and for attracting them into becoming strong researchers in their future carriers.

c) Research workshops in all fields of physics

2) Externally driven meetings with large number of participants: These are activities with national and/or international support for which international organizers express their wish to utilize ITAP's infrastructure to make their meetings in Marmaris/Turkey.

3) Coordinational meetings of extensive international research groups: The infrastructure of ITAP is sufficient to lodge 50 participants in its own complex and in collaboration with nearby resorts it can also host larger meetings. The computing resources include six parallel-networks SUN workstations equipped with intensive computational software, and in addition there are ADSL and wireless internet connections. The physics library has just started accepting donations. We currently collaborate with national institutions supporting basic research to acquire an online access to a wide selection of international physics and mathematics journals. ITAP also has a restaurant on its own complex. The participants live and work within the same complex and no transportation is made necessary.

Supporting ITAP:

Supporting ITAP can be made in a number of ways as follows: a) Organizing events at ITAP b) Actively taking part in ITAP-driven activities as a lecturer in international research training of young researchers c) Visiting ITAP by the Visiting Scholars Program of TASSA d) Donating ITAP physics and mathematics books and software e) Directly contributing to ITAP's budget (will be properly acknowledged)

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Contacting ITAP:

Tugrul Hakioglu, Director e-mail: tel: 90 312 290 2109 (office) 90 312 290 1207 (Dept. Secr.) fax: 90 312 266 4579 (Department)