·       Translating technology, market and product insights into targeted material specifications,

·       Improving the capability of the organization in designing best practices and executing with excellence,

·       Reviewing and approving technical specifications and reports,

·       Partnering with external functions such as Product Development, Supply Chain, Plant Manufacturing, and Process Development to enable the delivery of new initiatives in a timely manner,

·       Developing and recommending business and delivery plans based on current technical results and capabilities,

·       Building academic and industrial networks at both domestic and international levels,

·       Increasing productivity of the team and establishing standard methods to deliver high-quality initiatives.


·       Possessing an engineering or science degree at the doctoral level is a must,

·       Full comprehension of the films and nonwovens in the hygiene industry,

·       10+ years of experience in the field of hygiene films and nonwovens is strongly preferred,

·       Good knowledge for both film and nonwoven manufacturing processes is a plus,

·       Intention to pursue an ambitious career in material development in films and nonwovens,

·       Excellent problem-solving skills and crisis management,

·       Able to leverage interpersonal skills to form strong relationships,

·       Excellent communication skills; the ability to listen and translate functional requirements into a viable action plan,

·       Team player with a natural ability to take the lead wherever or whenever needed,

·       Ability to adapt well to the new environments in a very dynamic corporate environment,

·       Highly professional project manager with strong work ethics,

·       Self-motivated person with an ability to quickly understand objectives and independently manage the delivery of results,

·       Strategic thinking skills,

·       Fluency in English,

·       No restriction to travel.

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