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Professor Mete Atatüre Wins "2020 Thomas Young Medal and Prize Recipient"

Professor Mete Atatüre from Cambridge University has been presented "2020 Thomas Young Medal and Prize Recipient "for his pioneering contributions to quantum optical phenomena in semiconductors and diamond, creating new applications in quantum technologies."   full story

TASSA Added New Members to the Executive Committee

TASSA Executive Committee has two new members; Dr. Nazli Avdan, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Kansas, and Dr. Mete Altintas, Associate Professor, Rush University Medical Center.   full story

Shortage of Scientific Research in Turkey

Shortage of Scientific Research in Turkey Dr. Esen Ercan Alp Argonne Distinguished Fellow, Argonne National Laboratory and SESAME Scientific Advisory Committee Chairman   full story

Murat Gunel Wins 2020 Academy Prize in Health and Life Sciences from the Turkish Academy of Sciences

Professor Murat Günel from the Neurosurgery Department of Yale University receives the 2020 TÜBA Academy Award in health and life sciences.   full story