Bio of Huseyin Abut

Hüseyin Abut is Professor Emeritus from Electrical and Computer Engineering at San Diego State University. At present, he is a visiting Professor at Bogazici University. He has also held visiting faculty appointments in Turkey, Japan, Singapore, Germany, and Stanford University. He served as the director of an academic research facility for more than twenty years and was the interim associate dean for research. He was involved with the establishment of a foundation university in Turkey and the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore during their initial kick-off years in the nineties. He also served as the VP for Research and Development of a high-tech company in the 1980s, was the President of one and the TCO of several other high-tech startups both in the US and abroad. He has served twice at the capacity of Senior Advisor for the U.N. Programme Development.  He published 8 books and 100 original articles in the field of speech processing, image processing, biometrics, and signal processing for vehicular applications. He holds two patents. His recent interests include smart devices, materials, and systems for ‘Patient-Centric Remote Medicine” for heart attack and stroke prevention. He has served as a founding associate editor for the IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing. He served in many capacities as a member, secretary, board member and senator in the academic and professional organizations including the IEEE Signal Processing Society.

He has served in the Transition Team Member of the TASSA 2010-2012 and as a member in the TASSA BOD 2012-2016. He was instrumental in putting together the TASSA Bylaws together with 2 other BOD members and was the nomination committee chair of TASSA 2012-2016.