Crossing the Bridge - September 2013

By Nilay Papila, PhD

NSF Program for Catalyzing New International Collaborations for US-based researchers

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has recently published FY 2014 solicitation for “Catalyzing New International Collaborations” (CNIC). It can be considered as another great tool to connect US-based researchers with Turkey-based researchers.

The word to be highlighted is “new” The program aims to support a “new” collaborative relationship on a substantially different research direction for the US-based researcher. If you have met your collaborators only at a conference or maybe not at all, not yet undertaken any joint research, and not yet visited the potential collaborator’s locations, then you are a great candidate to apply for NSF CNIC program. Projects for which the collaborators have already published or received funding together is not necessarily be ineligible, but will require detailed justification for why their plan should be considered “new”.

This program only supports US-based researchers' participation in activities such as short research planning visits, international workshops, initial data gathering activities, and initial proof-of-concept.

A CNIC planning visit generally involves one PI plus, possibly, a small number of student(s) and/or co-PI(s) and/or postdoctoral researcher(s) visiting a potential collaborator(s) abroad, to work out specifics for future collaborative work that could be supported by NSF. NSF will support expenses of the US-based workshop attendees only.

A CNIC workshop should explore a broader topic rather than focusing on one project, should involve researchers from several US institutions and several foreign institutions, and should lead to multiple collaborative proposals in a new scientific area.

CNIC proposals may cover any field of science and engineering research and education supported by NSF. The expected outcome of a CNIC award should be submission of a full research proposal(s) to an NSF research program.

Upcoming deadlines for full proposals are given below:

  • January 22, 2014
  • April 22, 2014
  • July 22, 2014

We hope that you would benefit from CNIC program and interact more with researchers in Turkey by the help of this award.

For more information on CNIC call, please visit:


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