Crossing the Bridge - July 2013

By Nilay Papila, PhD

New TUBITAK Calls for e-Books and e-Courses

TUBITAK Science and Society Department has launched two new programs to create and publish web-based high quality educational materials in Turkish and hence to improve the quality of undergraduate education in Turkey:

  • TUBITAK 5001-Call for e-Books
  • TUBITAK 5002-Call for e-Courses.

The main objectives of these programs are to

  • Provide open access to the core academic content of undergraduate education;
  • Create a pool of high quality Turkish resources for undergraduate courses;
  • Encourage academics to write books in Turkish and share their courses with a wider audience;
  • Increase the diversity and quality of academic resources;

  • Enhance the content of academic resources with drawings, animations, simulations, videos, and interactive applications.

The members of the Turkish science diaspora are eligible to apply to these programs. These calls are important since creating open source course materials improving the quality of undergraduate education in Turkey are very well aligned with TASSA’s mission to promote educational, scientific and technological developments in Turkey.

We hope that you benefit from these supports and make significant contributions to TUBITAKs and TASSAs common mission to facilitate the advancement of science in Turkey

Eligibility of Applicants for TÜBİTAK 5001 and 5002

  • Must be Turkish nationals,
  • Must hold PhD degree,
  • Must have given or received undergraduate or graduate courses in the field related to the proposed book.

Call Themes:

  • Natural Sciences:  Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, molecular biology and genetics, geology, astronomy and aerospace, and statistics

  • Engineering and Technology: Electrical-electronic, computer, mechanical, and civil engineering; industry, textile, forestry, metallurgy and materials; mining, food, bioengineering, energy systems, environment, chemistry, cartography, and architecture

  • Social Sciences: Psychology, psychological counseling, economics, political science and international relations, public administration, business administration, labor economy, education sciences, geography, and sociology

  • Humanities: History, archeology, and philosophy




–Call for e-Books


–Call for  e-Courses



The maximum funding available for the call is 120,000 TL. 

The budget does not include author royalties. 

A book may have multiple authors.

Author royalties are limited to 50,000 TL. 
The maximum funding available for the call is 120,000 TL excluding royalties.

Experimental supplies costs are limited to 10% of the total budget.

Eligible costs: Video recording, studio rental, editing, and the service purchases and development of digital course materials including original drawings, animations, simulations and interactive applications.

  Hiring “Computer and Teaching Technologies Specialist” is highly recommended.

Ineligible costs: Equipment purchasing.


July 12, 2013

August 23, 2013


Max 18 months

Max 18 months

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