TASSA sponsors Turkish American Business Conference, TABCON, in California

In accordance with our objective to forge alliances with other organizations that foster similar or overlapping missions, TASSA has become a sponsor of the 4th Annual Turkish American Business Conference, TABCON, to be held in San Jose, CA, on April 28th, 2007. This is the third successive year TASSA has supported TABCON. The conference theme this year is "Turkey's Role in the Global High Technology Market." We highly recommend that you attend this event of significant relevance and expand your network for productive collaborations. More information on the subject is provided below.

TASSA Executive Committee __________________________

The 4th Annual Turkish American Business Conference, TABCON, is fast approaching and is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. The conference is hosted by the Turkish American Business Connection Association and is being held at the San Jose Marriott hotel in the heart of the Silicon Valley on April 28th.

The TABCON conference will highlight Turkey’s role in the global high-tech market. The conference’s esteemed speakers will include successful Turkish American entrepreneurs, board members of Turkey-based international firms as well as representatives from the venture capital communities.

The keynote speech of this year's conference will be delivered by Kursad Tuzmen, Turkey's Minister of State responsible from Foreign Trade. Other featured panelists include but not limited to Michael Menke, Chief Portfolio Advocate of Hewlett-Packard; Steve Erickson, VP of Creative Labs, Tony Seba, Author of "Winner Takes All" and Aydin Senkut, Founder and President of Felicis Ventures.

During the conference join discussions on the following topics: * How can Turkish and American high-tech companies become valuable partners? * Turkey as an Electronic Design House * Funding a startup, experiences of Turkish-American professionals * Global Opportunities in Wireless Sector * Web 2.0 in Silicon Valley and İstanbul

General Session: How Can Turkish and American high-tech companies become valuable partners. During this general session, panelists will discuss opportunities for both Turkish and American companies as partners in the global technology market. Speakers will share their insights on innovation lessons learned from the Silicon Valley, Turkey’s potential as a customer for US companies and the current state of Turkish technology companies. Speakers will include representatives from Creative Labs, HP and Tursign.

Session 1: Turkey as an Electronic Design House This session will focus on the opportunity to leverage Turkish resources for outsourcing of electronic design. Hear first hand experiences from professionals who have set up and operate design centers in Turkey. Learn practical information with regards to talent pool, technological infrastructure, applicable taxes as well as the general pros and cons of investing in Turkey. During the session the panelists will also compare and contrast their experiences in Turkey to those with managed centers in India and China. Panelists will include representatives from Maxim Turkey, STMicroelectronics Turkey and GiQuila Corp.

Session 2: Funding a start-up: Experiences of Turkish-American Professionals This session will focus on funding for start-up companies in both the US and Turkey. Panelists will discuss their experiences from two perspectives: securing funding vs. funding a new idea. Attendees will learn important information on potential hurdles and pitfalls associated with the process of securing funding from experienced company founders as well as the necessary requirements from the venture capitalist perspective. Panelists include representatives from Exar Corp and Micro Linear and Adams Capital Management.

Session 3: Global Opportunities in Wireless Sector This session will discuss the business opportunities that are available in the global wireless communications market. The panel will discuss technology developments in the areas of WiMax, WiFi-Cell Phone, and RFID technology. The experienced panelists will offer comparisons between the US and Turkish wireless industries and the opportunities available in each. Panelists for this discussion include representatives from PINC Solutions and Telsima.

Session 4: Web 2.0 in Silicon Valley and Istanbul The Web just turned 2—and Web 2.0 opportunities are endless. This session will discuss global internet business development issues. The panelist will explore the effects the Silicon Valley culture has on the Internet and how Turkish entrepreneurs have the opportunity to secure their place in this next evolution. The session will give you a behind the scenes look at some of the greatest sites you see on the web today and the next ones to come on the horizon. Panelists include experts from Hakia, Felicis Ventures, Stanford University and Yonja.com.

For more information on the conference, other participating speakers and companies, log on to www.tabcon.org .

Early registration discounts available! Register now at www.tabcon.org .