A TV special program on TASSA annual conferences

TASSA announces with pleasure a special program produced by the Turkish-American TV (TAT) dedicated entirely to TASSA. The main objective of TAT is to inform the community, mainly in the greater Washington, DC area, about events and activities related to Turkish-American life, art, and culture. You can watch this TASSA special (12. Episode) by visiting their on-demand streaming video web site www.turkishamericanhour.org/video.

The program covers the first TASSA conference, which was held at George Washington University in Washington, DC (February 19-20, 2005), and the second Annual TASSA conference, which was held at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA (March 25-26, 2006). There are interviews with conference organizers, speakers, poster presenters, "young scientists grant" recipients and participants.

The program includes scenes from the art show displayed throughout the 2006 Conference. Also presented is "A Photo Album" from a historic house of Safranbolu, Turkey, in video form - courtesy of Prof. Cemal Ekin, the Vice President of TASSA.

The program has already started airing first by Fairfax Public Access (FPA) last weekend. Friends in the Washington, DC area can enjoy the show also on these specially arranged dates and times: July 07, 05:00pm, Friday, Channel 10, Fairfax July 12, 11:00pm, Wednesday, Channel 10, Fairfax

TASSA expresses its most sincere gratitude to our friends at TAT for this wonderful production and congratulates them for their dedicated service to the community.

TASSA Executive Committee