Visiting Scholars Program (VSP)

In May of 2005, TASSA has initiated a program based on volunteer participation of TASSA members to visit Turkish Universities/Institutions during an already planned holiday/business trips to Turkey. We have received encouraging feedback from participants and the host institutions in Turkey, and we intend to continue the program throughout the year in the future.

VSP program seeks to establish a mechanism to help match TASSA members who are already planning to visit Turkey and are willing to share their research activities with their colleagues in Turkey. The Turkish Universities/Institutions, which express interest in the research area of the TASSA member, may host these volunteer applicants to give a seminar on her/his scholarly efforts and interact with the faculty and the students of the hosting organization. We hope that this program will help disseminate scientific knowledge and promote the cooperation and collaboration between TASSA and Turkish universities.

TASSA is the coordinating organization. Members who wish to present their work should submit an application to TASSA by filling in an online form. The Visiting Scholars Program Committee will convey the necessary information to the potential hosting institutions in Turkey. The potential hosting institutions will receive the following information about the applicant TASSA member: name, institutional affiliation, contact information, seminar title(s) with abstract(s), CV of the applicant, and the suggested dates and cities for the visit. If a Turkish institution considers hosting the TASSA member, then they should contact him/her directly to make the detailed arrangements of the visit.

At this point, we urge you to join the program if you have plans to visit Turkey within the next year. Below are the guidelines on how to access the Visiting Scholars Program information and how to apply online.

Create a user profile: If you don’t have an existing profile with TASSA. Please click here to register with us. Filling out and submitting the online registration form will grant you access to privileged areas of TASSA’s web site.

  1. Visit our website at
  2. Click on Members Login.
  3. Enter your username and password (if you forgot your password, request a new one at the bottom of the login page).
  4. On the new page, locate the Visiting Scholars Program at the upper left area.
  5. Click on Visiting Scholars Program and read the details of the program.
  6. Click on and fill out the Online Application Form.

If you have any questions or feedback about the Visiting Scholar Program, please feel free to contact us at:
visitingscholars { at } tassausa { dot } org