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    • Please note that Member Info & Renewal page link appears under Membership section sub-menu (right-hand side) after you login.
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Important note about online payment using Paypal

For online payments, you will be transferred to paypal website.

To ensure secure payment, TASSA membership dues can be made online only via paypal website. No paypal accounts needed. You can use major credit cards to send your payment.


  1. If your email is associated with an existing paypal account, or
  2. If the credit card you are using is associated with a former paypal transaction

Then paypal requires you to login to your paypal account first before you make a payment.  This paypal requirement is for security purposes.

Once you are logged in to your paypal account then you can pay your membership dues using your credit card

If your payment is not posted in TASSA after two business days, please forward the paypal payment confirmation that you received along with your full name and  TASSA account email to

Thanks for your support!