TASSA Policy on Membership Dues & Collection

TASSA Membership & Fundraising Committees prepared a motion in order to collect annual membership dues from TASSA Members on October 19, 2004. This motion had been officially voted and accepted by the majority of TASSA Interim Council Members on October 31, 2004. Below is the detail of this motion:

TASSA established the following membership categories and their corresponding dues starting with the year 2005, covering until the period 12/31/2005 and payable annually thereafter:

  • Regular Membership dues will be $75
  • Overseas membership dues will be $35
  • Student membership dues will be $25
  • Honorary and Associate Members do not pay membership dues.

A reduction in student and overseas membership dues may need to be augmented by empowering the membership committee to make individual adjustments on an as-needed basis. The membership committee was empowered to review requests from individuals, on a case-by-case basis, to reduce or eliminate the dues for a given year at the request of a member in demonstrable financial need. The membership committee may develop a fund for such purposes from donations.