Turkish Healthcare Professionals And Medical Scientists Are Invited to Attend A Summit in Turkey

The Turkish Ministry of Health will host an international summit for Turkish healthcare professionals and medical scientist from around the world. The goal of the summit is to educate attendees on  recent developments in the Turkish healthcare system, provide a platform to exchange ideas and information among attendees and define and evaluate opportunities for collaboration in science and commerce between the representatives from Turkey and healthcare professionals and medical scientist living abroad.  The summit will be held in Istanbul October 29 through November 1st, 2014.

In addition to members of the Turkish Ministry of Health, upper level representatives from universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations and private sector are expected to attend.

The Turkish Ministry of Health will cover all related expenses including domestic and international transportation, and lodging in Istanbul.

Additional information can be found at www.turktipdunyasi.org and questions related to the summit can be addressed to turktipdunyasi@saglik.gov.tr.