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Sooner or later, every woman begins to think about the onset of one of the most important periods in her life, which follows menopause. Often these thoughts cause concern, because the state is associated with buy prometrium online certain physical and psychological changes that can affect the established way of life. Let's see how the symptoms of menopause appear and what the essence of these changes is. The progesterone concept and causes of menopause The first thing to say about this condition is that it is completely natural. Upon reaching the appropriate age, every female representative on our planet experiences it. The main feature of the period after menopause is hormonal adjustment. The ovaries gradually stop producing sex hormones estrogen. But Prometrium Capsules is a brand of medicine containing the active ingredient Progesterone immediately - for about 2 years after the last menstruation, they still buy prometrium 100mg retain this function. However, then, in the absence of estrogen, many body systems begin to experience a lack of a hormone, which makes them vulnerable to pathological changes.

Menopause consists of several stages, different in duration and continuing until the end of life. Feeling unwell, mood swings, hot flashes, sweating, pressure drops, rapid heartbeat - this condition can last for quite a long time. To prevent possible concomitant diseases associated with buy prometrium 200mg hormonal deficiency (mastopathy, breast cancer, cancer of the female genital organs, prolapse of the genital organs, osteoporosis, etc.) you should contact the specialists (gynecologist, endocrinologist, etc.).

From the point of view of the production of female hormones, the whole life of a woman is divided into several stages: premenopause (from the first menstruation to the end of the regular menstruation), buy prometrium tablets perimenopause (the period before and after menopause), menopause (the last menstruation) and postmenopause (the period starting twelve months after menopause and until the end of life).

Perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause are conventionally combined in menopause - menopause. This period begins, on average, 4 years before menopause (mean age 47.5 years) and lasts for 12 months after the cessation of menstruation. The first sign of perimenopause is a change in the menstrual cycle, both in duration and in the amount of blood loss. Perimenopause is a time of buy prometrium pills great hormonal changes in a woman's body. The level of estrogen - female hormones - begins to fluctuate and constantly decreases. Due to the lack of female hormones, a number of unpleasant symptoms develop. The earliest symptoms are hot flushes and night sweats, depression, irritability.

Menopause is the time of the last natural bleeding (menstruation). It can be established only after 12 months without bleeding (amenorrhea). The average age of menopause is 51.3 years, although in women who smoke, menopause can occur 1.5-2 years earlier. Twelve months after menopause, women enter the postmenopausal period - the source to buy prometrium cheap until the end of life, marked by a deficiency of female sex hormones. As mentioned above, the first symptoms associated with a deficiency of female sex hormones are hot flashes and night sweats, mood swings, irritability. They last at least 2 to 5 years - the early postmenopausal period - and then, as a rule, disappear. Symptoms such as dryness and itching of the vagina, loss of sexual desire, pain when urinating, etc., are only aggravated with time.

Can i buy prometrium without prescription? In addition, in the first few years after menopause, bone loss is very rapid, and changes in the vessels begin to progress, from which a woman had previously been protected by high levels of the hormones estrogen. These changes increase the risk of osteoporosis for women (increased bone fragility, which leads to frequent fractures, the worst of which is a fracture of the femoral neck), as well as the risk of heart disease. In reality, it hides chronic dystrophic, atrophic changes in the external anatomical section of the female genital organs. In this case, the pathology is not yet sufficiently studied, which makes it difficult to choose a treatment regimen. However, modern medicine, perhaps, is able to offer an innovative method for correcting negative changes.

Dystrophy is a process leading to a change in the normal function of an organ associated with impaired metabolic processes. Atrophy - depletion of tissue caused by a decrease in the vital activity of the body cells, provoking ischemia (loss of blood supply), leading to a decrease in tissue or organ, pathological changes in function. In diseases, and, in particular order prometrium, both negative trends can be combined, causing atrophy of the large and small labia, inflammatory changes in the vulva, and cracks in the vulva. That may be accompanied by urological disorders, prolapse and prolapse of the uterus, a decrease in the quality of life, which is caused by a narrowing of the vagina, atrophy of the clitoris. According to medical sources, pathology is often regarded as a precancerous disease. Therefore, effective therapy of dystrophic, atrophic processes can act as a preventive measure for the onset of vulvar cancer.

How to buy buy prometrium? Under these conditions, there is doubt about the possibilities of scientific medicine. The formed niche, on the one hand, is filled by assorted inventors and dealers of the purchase prometrium tablets, devices that quickly solve almost all health problems, including the most complex ones. And every day there are dozens of times the best or improved, and the former are forgotten, and not having solved any problems. On the other hand - unsuited healers, non-professionals, who fool the sick head, using the modern slogans of naturopathy and exploiting people's enthusiasm for the occult. And the more official medicine turns away from the systems approach, the more the pancreatic fever and healing obscurantism flourish.
The integrated systems approach allows not only returning to the systemic view of health, which is now much lost in the ancient wisdom, but also to take a proper look at some new approaches that are considered paramedical, based on the achievements of modern medicine, to comprehend them at a higher theoretical and practical level, to adapt some ancient diagnostic and therapeutic technologies to the present, and even more so to the European modernity. This makes it possible, significantly, I would even say radically, to increase the effectiveness of therapeutic and prophylactic work and thereby return the lost credibility to medicine.


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As before, one of my tasks is to dispel a delusion that is tragic for many patients, to show that many diseases considered incurable in modern medicine cease to be so if they are approached from a completely different point of view. Where to buy prometrium? They are incurable when they are the ones who are being treated, not their cause. They are incurable as long as there is no understanding that diseases do not exist, only systemic disorders exist in the body, the consequences of which are these very so-called diseases. They are incurable, finally, for one simple reason: because they are always treated incorrectly. Therefore, the doctor, speaking of some kind of disease that it is incurable, must add: with the currently accepted treatment, and more precisely, because it is being treated incorrectly. For example, for patients drugstore, more and more new antiallergic pills were prescribed over the years, instead of finding online Prometrium today and putting in order poorly working organs responsible for the adequacy of the response to allergens. Or a patient with osteoporosis - more and more new calcium preparations, instead of finding and putting in order the organs responsible for the normal absorption and exchange of calcium and other metabolic processes associated with it. The system approach allows us to achieve a unique increase in bone density in osteoporosis, and without calcium supplements (since there is enough calcium in food) or, for example, to achieve normalization of hemoglobin level without iron preparations in patients with anemia who have unsuccessfully used various iron preparations for years or even decades.

Factors predisposing to the development of pathological processes may be: the onset of peri-and postmenopausal, and the concomitant hormonal alteration occurring in the woman's body; while the question remains, why amid the age-related changes in some women, changes in the state of the genital tissues are compensated, while in others they buy generic prometrium lead to the development. The main symptom of kraurosis of the vulva is severe chronic itching that is difficult to stop with medicines. In addition, there is the appearance of white spots at the online pharmacy prometrium. With such discomfort, it is important to immediately seek medical help. The course of dystrophic processes can be stopped in time. Until recently, the main methods of treatment of non-tumor diseases of the vulva were considered: Diet therapy - restriction of consumption of spicy, salty, sweet foods, elimination of alcohol and coffee. In other words, products capable of intensifying or provoking itching.

The appointment of corticosteroid ointments with anti-inflammatory, antihyperplastic, anti-allergic effect. However, a minus of their purpose is the impossibility prometrium pharmacy of long-term use due to the risk of cicatricial changes. Local hormonal agents (estrogen drugs), have prometrium today anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effect. Applications of ozonized olive oil, which has a bactericidal effect and enhances tissue nutrition. All of these therapeutic measures are aimed at improving the condition of the external genital organs, eliminating local inflammation and eliminating the patient's active complaints, but cannot completely cure the disease. In some cases, shown and surgical treatment, plastic surgery to restore the vulva.