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Turkish Science Diaspora met at College Park!

Turkish Science Diaspora met at the TASSA 2014 Conference at the University of Maryland, College Park on March 22, 23.


The conference theme was centered on "Global Opportunities" to cover the emerging technical and social challenges as well as related opportunities that are likely to transform our world in the coming decades. The conference also focused on  "Women in Science, Engineering, and Social Sciences". 

Please click here for the conference program.


More than 300 scientists, scholars, students and top executives attended to the meeting from both Turkey and United States. 


During the conference, about 40 posters were presented by individual scholars as well as Turkish and U.S. institutions aimed to provide a convenient and informal forum to stimulate the exchange of ideas and build bridges.


The Conference also featured the "Turkish American Talent and Innovation Showcase" to provide networking and interview opportunities for individual scholars, especially for those who are currently in the job market. The Showcase hosted about 20 Turkish institutions, including universities, techno-parks, government organizations/labs, NGOs, companies, etc. and provided them with unique recruitment opportunities by helping them broadly reach the talent pool of the Turkish American scientists and scholars.



TASSA announced the Young Scholar Award Recipients


TASSA launched a new award to recognize and honor the achievements of young Turkish American scientists and scholars, namely the TASSA Young Scholar Awards. Eight junior scholars as the inaugural winners of this prestigious award received their plaque from the President of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), Yucel Altunbasak.  



TASSA announced President's Service Award


During the TASSA 2014 Conference President Haluk Unal awarded four Service Awards. The recipients were retiring Board Member Orhan Gurbuz, TASSA Vice Presidents Levent Guntay and Hasan Ayaz and web committee member Dagistan Sahin. These individuals contributed in significant ways to the operation of TASSA. Orhan Gurbuz had a major role in drafting the TASSA's current Bylaws, Dagistan Sahin built the TASSA Connect platform, Levent Guntay has done enormous work in building the TASSA memberhsip database and drafting the report on the Turkish Science Diaspora map. Finally, Hasan Ayaz has the longest member who served TASSA from his graduate student times. He has the institutional memory and was involved in every project TASSA had almost from its first days.  



TASSA - 2013 Annual Report 



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Young Scholar Award Winners
Ertugrul Cubukcu

Junior Faculty Level

(go to  website)

Ertugrul Cubukcu received his B.S. and M.S. degrees both in physics from Bilkent University, Turkey and his Ph.D. degree in applied physics from Harvard University Full Story

Alp Simsek 

Junior Faculty Level

(go to  website)

Alp Simsek is Rudi Dornbusch Career Development Assistant Professor of Economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is also affiliated with the National Bureau of Economic Research. Full Story

Ahmet Yildiz

Junior Faculty Level

(go to  website)

Ahmet Yildiz grew up in Sakarya, Turkey. In 2001, he received a bachelor's degree in physics from Bogazici University and started his graduate studies in biophysics at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Full Story

Kivanc Birsoy  at

Postdoctoral Level

(go to  website) 

Dr. Birsoy received his B.S degree at Bilkent University, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, ranked 1st in the Faculty of Science.  He received his Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics at the Rockefeller University (New York), where he studied molecular and cellular basis for obesity. Full Story

 Duygu Kuzum at 

Postdoctoral Level 

(go to  website) 

Duygu Kuzum is developing nanoelectronic synaptic devices emulating the synaptic computation and plasticity in the human brain.  This technology could lead to portable, energy-efficient, adaptable and interactive computer systems that can learn and process information in real time similar to the human brain. Full Story

 Burak Okumus 

Postdoctoral Level

(go to  website) 

Burak Okumus is a post-doctoral research associate and Novartis fellow in Johan Paulsson's lab at the Department of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School, developing methods to understand non-genetic, non-environmental cell-to-cell variability. Full Story

Canan Dagdeviren

Graduate Level

(go to  website)

Canan Dagdeviren was born on 4th of May, 1985 in Istanbul. She has been fascinated by science ever since she was a child. By the influence of Prof. Erdal İnn, she decided to study physics and obtained her B.Sc. in Physics Engineering from Hacettepe University  Full Story Omer Durak

Graduate Level

(go to  website)

Omer Durak is a third year graduate student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), The Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. His research at the Tsai Lab at MIT focuses on the role of neuropsychiatric risk genes on both embryonic and adult brain development. Full Story



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