Invited Speakers of TASSA 2018 Conference, Gokhan Hotamisligil

Dr. Hotamisligil’s research efforts focus on the molecular and genetic basis of common and complex diseases, particularly obesity and diabetes, and their complications. His research examines the identity and molecular mechanisms of innate adaptive response systems, especially as they relate to inflammation, metaflammation, and metabolic homeostasis in health and disease.
He is an internationally recognized leader with many seminal contributions including discoveries that defined the inflammatory origins of obesity and diabetes which are the pillars of the field of immunometabolism. His research group identified the role of endoplasmic reticulum as a key locus of metabolic adaptation, identified key mechanisms that relate to ER’s metabolic functions, such as the most recent discovery of ER-bound Nrf1 as a powerful guardian of metabolism, and identified molecules that can target ER, some of which are in clinical trials. Dr. Hotamisligil’s studies also led to the identification of new lipid and peptide hormones that regulate lipid and glucose metabolism that are being developed and tested to treat fatty liver disease and diabetes. Dr. Hotamisligil pursues interdisciplinary paths and collaborations towards the development of novel preventive and therapeutic strategies against chronic metabolic diseases. These programs have driven several drug development platforms, some currently in clinical trials. His work has resulted in >185 papers which have received >50,000 citations and resulted in multiple patents.

Dr. Hotamisligil has been recognized with many fellowships and awards during his training from the Markey and Pew Foundations, and the American Diabetes Association. He’s an elected permanent member of the Turkish Academy of Sciences and the recipient of the 2004 TUBITAK Science Award. Dr. Hotamisligil’s scholarly recognitions include the Outstanding Scientific Accomplishment Award of the American Diabetes Association, the Wertheimer Award of the International Association of Obesity, Science Award of the Vehbi Koç Foundation, Roy Greep Award for Outstanding Research of the Endocrine Society, the International Danone Prize, and most recently, the 2018 EASD-NovoNordisk Foundation Diabetes Prize for Excellence.

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